Network Services
Point to Point Network Services
. Gigabit (i.e. Gigaman)
. SONET OC3 – OC48
. DS3
. DS1
. OPX/FX (Dial tone)
Internet Access
. Gigabit Based Access –
1Gbps- 10 Gbps
. Ethernet based Access -
5Mbps – 1 Gbps
. DS3
. N X T1
. T1
. Managed
Multipoint Network Services:
. Metropolitan Ethernet Services
. Frame Relay
Dial tone/Access

. SIP Trunking
. VoIP services
Discount Agreements – Including Usage
. Master Discount Agreements
. Long Distance Agreement
. Local Usage Agreements
Protected Network Services
. Remote Hosting – Suite of Custom Services
. SONET Ring
. Disaster Routing (including CLAR)
. Call Forwarding – all types
Mediums for Network Services
. Fiber
. Copper
. Coaxial
. Airwaves-Wifi & Cellular
Network Services
ValueComm creates optimum custom network designs and coordinates network orders for every-available network service including: Multipoint Data Network Services, Point-to-point Network Services, Internet Access (all types), Access/Dialtone, Usage Discount Plans. Since the Local Exchange Carriers (also known as LECs or common carriers) control the “last mile” of network to reach every customer, they are the preferred Network Providers to work with such that customers benefit from the most reliable network with no “seams”. ValueComm exclusively represents only Major LECs.