Network Design & ImplementationProcess

1) Customer Needs Meeting recently this meeting has been all about immediate cost savings.
2) Needs Assessed
3) Network Designed around needs
4) Proposal Provided with Best-available pricing (no need for further negotiation)
5) Proposal Discussion Meeting
6) Contracts Provided to Customer
7) Contract Signature Meeting (so contracts are signed/initialed in the right place)
8) Signed Contracts Received Confirmation (may be scanned, faxed, or mailed)
9) ValueComm Project Implementation Manager Assigned / LEC Project Manager Assigned if large enough project
10) Order Status Communicated
11) Conference Call Order and Implementation Updates Meeting(s)
12) Service Orders Installed
13) Confirmed working by customer
14) Bills Received --- Customer scans and emails or faxes bill copies of first three bills to ValueComm
15) ValueComm works to have bills Corrected with LEC
16) Bills confirmed to be correct
ValueComm follows a disciplined process when given the opportunity to communicate freely with a customer. Meetings are either over-the-phone or in-person: