Custom Network Proposals
ValueComm understands that customers have varied requirements for the optimum data and voice network. Our first step is to understand each customer’s goals for their custom network. We then design the custom network and create our proposal based upon these prioritized needs. Some parameters used when customizing a network include:
Lowest Cost – Reliable Network
Many businesses now have a need to save money. Thus "TOTAL COST" must be minimized. Unfortunately Network Providers do not make it easy to compare network costs in an “apples to apples” fashion due to CLECs and Resellers choosing to charge various taxes and fees which are not charged by the LECs. Other taxes are billed at different (lower) rates by the LEC than by CLECs or Resellers. Some of these unnecessary bill-inflating “taxes” and fees are:
ValueComm includes a customized Excel spreadsheet with every proposal that includes all cost elements except for common tax elements that are billed in the same fashion by all network carriers.