Performance and Reliability
ValueComm ONLY represents major LECs (i.e. AT&T, Qwest, and Verizon) because they control the “last mile” of service to each customer’s location. For this reason, the LECs are uniquely positioned to be able to diagnose and fix any potential service issues in the speediest fashion (CLECS and Resellers cannot fix network problems in as speedy a fashion to a lack of control over this critical resource). Further, ValueComm believes customers are best served for large multi-location networks by using the wide-area network provider that controls the most end-points. AT&T’s Network has more “Network Access” points than any other network provider. Thus for the largest networks with points everywhere in the US, AT&T is the optimum choice for network provider and should be the best option for the lowest cost and most-quickly-and-accurately-serviced network. For Metropolitan Area Networks, ValueComm strongly recommends that the customer use the LEC (AT&T, Qwest, or Verizon) that controls that local region. ValueComm will ensure that each customer receives the optimum network design and best-available pricing. We will work with each carrier to customize contract verbiage if the standard Terms and Conditions of a Contract are not acceptable to a customer. ValueComm will then work with the LEC Project Manager to ensure the optimum network implementation such that there is no disruption of service on the existing network during the installation process. ValueComm will work with each LEC to accelerate the installation process or slow it down depending upon each customer’s unique requirements.